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Dee of the Damned Chapter 1-3

Title: Dee of the Damned
Author: Betafish
Rating: Adult
Summary: Most of the world denies the supernatural. They do not know of a world in which there are slayers, demons, or other supernatural elements. They believe the world, like themselves, to be fairly average. Reality is mundane, or so Dee believes until she is kidnapped and reborn into a new world. Warning f/f and m/f/f
Word Count: 12,266
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Chapter 1

Everything was going just as it should have before ‘senior ditch day’. I was doing well in my classes, had been accepted by two of the five photography schools I’d applied to, and I’d even started to come out of my shell…a bit. Lily Borders, a popular girl I had retouched zit-ridden senior photos for, had even asked me to go out with her and her friends for an après S.D.D. club-a-thon.

If my first and only boyfriend hadn’t just dumped me, everything would have been perfect. Jessie, Bill, and I had made plans to meet in the quad that morning. It wasn’t that we were total losers, but we’d made the art room our own. We loved each other’s company and somehow it would have seemed strange to spend one of our last days in high school ducking out of a place we loved so much.

“Hey, Dee!” Jessie showed up just after I did and immediately started opening wounds with her usual blunt tactlessness, “Still pining for Eric?”

“Of course,” I murmured, “Why wouldn’t I be? We just broke up two days ago.”

“Exactly 1/45th the amount of time you were together. Time to move on, sunshine!”

‘Sunshine’ was what she called me when she was attempting to soothe my feelings. It wasn’t working. I’d been shy and awkward all through high school. Burying yourself in your artwork isn’t exactly conducive to developing great social skills. I always counted myself lucky to have Eric. Granted, we hadn’t done very much together and hadn’t had that many dates, but he was mine and I would’ve loved him forever. I would have taken him back in an instant if he’d only asked, but he didn’t. He made it clear that once he started college that he wanted to be free to explore ‘other options’ and that any thought of me waiting for him would just hold him back. What he meant was that he wanted to be free to get in the panties of Jennifer Standish at next week’s after graduation party. It didn’t matter. I still loved him and would have taken him back. If he asked me.

“Besides…it’s not like the two of you ever even had sex.”

“Shut up Jessie!”

She was right, of course. But my comment served its purpose. I didn’t swear, so this was usually enough to let her know that she wasn’t helping to improve my mood.

“Sorry,” she backpedaled, “So, what’s the plan for today, or are we just killing time until you make your debut tonight with ‘Lily’s Lemmings’?”

“I know it’s a pity invite Jessie, but it could be fun and it’s not like I ever get to do anything like that with the way Clark and Marie are.”

Clark and Marie had been my foster parents for about 8 years. It’s not that I didn’t care about them; we had just never clicked. They could’ve fallen straight out of ‘Leave it to Beaver’. Clark was emotionally nonexistent and Marie’s main goal in life was to make Martha Stewart look slothful. A socially awkward daughter with a hefty creative streak was not what they had planned on, but they loved me the best they could and I respected that, and Clark’s rules. Besides, I always got good grades, and never painted my room black. Even if I wasn’t a cheerleader and never took home-ec, I was far from the nightmarish rebellious teen I’m sure they’d always feared I’d become.

“You’re going to get date-raped by a football player.”

“Well, that would be nice too.” Sarcasm wasn’t my forte, but I had my moments.

“You don’t even have anything to wear.”

I was no fashion plate that was true. I didn’t even own anything that wasn’t baggy. I’d never been unattractive, just terribly self-conscious. Bill had once seen me in my skivvies after he’d helped me paint the ‘cyc’ in the school’s makeshift photo studio. I hadn’t realized he was standing behind me until he’d commented that I had a nice body and should show it off once in a while. I couldn’t even look at him for a month after that.

“You could lend me something.”

“You’d never wear it.”

“Just don’t let me look in a mirror and I’ll trust your taste implicitly.”

“Hello, ladies!” Billy was a breath of fresh air. This conversation was already going down in flames.

“Hi-lo, goat-boy!” Jessie loved her pet-names. “How hangs the hammer?”

“As the sole hammer-bearer present, I can dutifully report that it hangith lower than thine.”

“Jeeze guys, can we please get on with the mural?” I really couldn’t handle it when they were like this. I think they talked that way sometimes just to see how long it would take to make me blush.

I grabbed both of their hands and dragged them along like petulant children heading to the doctor’s office for booster shots. I was just anxious to get back to our final project. Hopefully, the day would go quickly with everyone absent, and I could get to Lily’s club-a-thon. I was actually looking forward to being part of her clique for one night. It wasn’t that I hated my life. I just wanted to know what it was like to walk in her Pradas for an evening.


“I look like a slut.”

“No, you look fabulous”, Jessie beamed. “Now stop insulting my clothes.”

“I told you not to let me see myself in a mirror.”

The girl staring back at me looked like a MTV video extra.

“There is no way I can go out in public like this.”

“You’re not going out in public, you’re going clubbing with Ms. Fashion-plate, and her whole crew will be dressed to kill.”

“Couldn’t we just kill me now?” Too polite to argue, I was hoping for a quick death.

“Too late, I can hear her car in the driveway.”

I grabbed the purse Jessie had lent me for the night; a tiny, pink, Yves Saint Laurent knockoff. It was barely big enough for my driver’s license, but it felt as if it was made of more material that the outfit I was wearing. Maybe I could change into it before we got to the first club. I was glad I had told Clark and Marie that I was spending the night at Jessie’s. They would have loved the fact that the most popular girl in school was taking me out with her, but they would have wanted to meet everyone and that would have been too mortifying for me to stand.

Jessie opened the door before Lily could knock, revealing me to the Lemmings.

“Dee! You actually look…good!” Lily seemed shocked. “I was afraid that you’d be wearing sweats. It must be your work, Jessica.”

“Yep.” Jessie cringed slightly at the use of her full name, but relished the compliment nonetheless.

“Hi Lily, thanks again for inviting me.” In spite of the compliment, and the fact that Lily was wearing far less than I was, I was still feeling self-conscious. Like someone was watching me. I tried to shake it off as I said goodbye to Jessie and got into Lily’s Mercedes.

“No biggie, besides, you saved my life with your…um, artistry.” She obviously hadn’t told anyone about the bad pictures that had somehow made it into the yearbook. Lucky for her, I was the only photographer who got to see them, or the scandal would have destroyed her flawless image.

It was a tight fit with the other three girls I was crammed into the back seat with, but everyone was nice enough to me. I was starting to feel better, but I still couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched. Periodically, I looked behind us to see if we were being followed. Who knows? Maybe the fashion police had been alerted that I was dressed out of character. By the time we got to our first stop, I’d convinced myself that I was just paranoid because of the outfit I was wearing and let it go.

C’est Fou’. The naming of popular clubs has always eluded me, but ‘it’s insane’ was pretty accurate. I’d never been in a place like this. It was hard to see every detail because of the heavy use of black-lights, and lasers streaming everywhere, but what I saw was nothing less than a chaotic frenzy. Scantily clad waiters and waitresses snaked their way through the masses of sweaty bodies holding trays of fluorescent drinks aloft. The music was deafening.

“No more than an hour here, sweetie. We have half a dozen other clubs to hit before morning!” Lily crooned, her eyes fixed on the buttocks of a passing hunk. “If you’re not waiting at the door in sixty minutes, I’m assuming you hooked up with someone…just normal club hopping rules.”

“Don’t leave me behind!” My voice was drowned out by the music. I started to repeat myself but she’d already disappeared into the steamy mass of writhing flesh.

I backed up into the wall by the door, thinking that if I could just stay there until Lily emerged then I wouldn’t get left.

After about ten minutes of trying to merge with the bizarrely painted backdrop of the entryway a voice startled me.

“So, you hate this place too?”

I spun around to meet the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen.

“I, uh, don’t belong here.”

“Me neither. My friends left me here, I think.” His voice was as calming as his eyes.

“Club hopping rules, they probably thought you hooked up with someone.” I couldn’t believe I had just said that.

“I must’ve missed that lecture. Care for a coke?” He held out one of two fluorescent cups he had in his hands.

I took the plastic cup and drained it, thankful that he hadn’t taken my statement as a come on and hopeful that the bad lighting would cover up my blushing.

“So what’s your story, besides being thirsty?” His smile instantly put me at ease.

“I’m out with the popular girls tonight; it’s sort of a pity thing.” He looked familiar. I was pretty sure I had seen him around school before.

“Wouldn’t have thought you would have needed pity, you seem like you know what you want.”

“It was just something different to do.” I was starting to feel a little giddy, but gave the credit to my new friends’ eyes.

“A change of scenery, I can relate to that. That’s why I’m here actually. It was a good chance to get out of the menagerie and have a bit of fun for a change.”

He said menagerie. I always loved that word. Wait, menagerie?

“Menagerie? What do you mean?” The room was fully spinning now.

“I wish I could show you, but that just won’t be possible, I’m afraid.”

As I lost consciousness the last thing I could remember thinking was that Jessie was right. I had just been drugged and was going to wake up tomorrow a date-rape victim.

That might have been preferable, actually.


I woke up a few hours later, although it could have been days as far as my spinning head was concerned. I noticed the presence of a hard stone slab under me and the chains on my wrists and ankles before the fuzzy visage of a small balding man popped his head into my wavering field of view.

I started screaming before my mouth was working. It was the guttural voice of primal terror, and the sound of it chilled my blood more than the sights around me; a stone altar standing alone atop a small hill, a manor house overlooking the scene, a be-robed psychopath carrying an old book and a very large dagger.

“Scream all you want, it won’t help.” he stated coldly.

I took his advice and continued screaming.

Wincing, he finally begged, “Okay, okay. Please, stop screaming. It’s terribly annoying and there’s really nothing you can do to escape your fate.”

“What are you going to do to me?” His wall of logic had ended my display of panic.

“If you’re wondering if I’m going to kill you, the answer is no.”

Somehow this didn’t put me at ease.

He continued, “You will no longer be here, however.”

My throat tightened. This guy was way crazy. I started pulling hard against the chains that held me. My wrists began to bleed. My captor seemed oblivious to my efforts, and my pain.

“You are going to bear witness to the birth of a new world. With your help I will open a portal to another plane, and the creature I conjure will bring forth a reign of chaos that will last a thousand years.”

“Yeah, sure. I’ll help you. Just let me go after we’re done.” I was trying to buy time. There was something matter-of-fact about his manner. Something too coldly perfect. He was obviously insane, but equally capable of killing me.

“As I said, Dee” I was startled that he knew my name. “You will not be here afterward. You are a necessary component of this particular spell, but I am afraid you are not part of the final product.” He neither smiled nor frowned as he said this. He was so dispassionate that it was almost soothing, or it might have been that I was still groggy from the night before. What time was it? It looked like it was a few minutes before dawn. My eyes shot toward the east.

“Yes, Dee. Your life will end at sunrise.”

“How do you know my name?” I demanded, refusing to hear his words.

“Peter, one of my minions. I’ve had every high school under surveillance for months; planting fake students in various classes, trying to find the perfect girl for my spell. You’re the only one who was perfect. You have been chosen for this honor, Dee. You will end the world.”

I had stopped paying attention to the lunatic. I had almost released my left hand. It was bloody, with deep lacerations, but it was giving me hope so I gritted my teeth and continued working it back and forth, pulling against the manacles.

“It is time.” He held his hands up towards the sky, and my body became flat and rigid.

“Oh, no.” It was all I had time to say, the only thought I could muster. What if he wasn’t crazy? This was getting worse and there was nothing I could do but watch. In a lifetime of quiet helplessness this was a high-point. Meek little Dee was going out more quiet than ever.

His hands began circling in the air as he began muttering something slow and deep in some moldy, forgotten tongue. An ache started deep within me. My stomach cramped. I couldn’t even double over in pain. The ache became a burning. I wanted to cry out, but there was only the sound of the man and the rumble of the clouds in the sky behind him. Swirling and thundering with violent intent, the sky was churning around a single point.

A vortex formed.

A hole in the sky.

There was a hole in the sky, where the bright blue of dawn was traded for a widening circle of black.

The rumble became a roar; a massive rushing sound which offered the merest inkling of the terror which moments later would begin to flood forth.

It looked like a cloud, but it moved like a flock of birds. It seemed like I had an eternity of agony to observe them before the first one came close enough to be seen for what it was. Hands, feet, tail, wings, horns, and fangs. My eyes kept running over the creatures’ features in that order. Hands, feet, tail, wings, horns and fangs. These monsters came in every imaginable permutation, but it was the features of the first that I couldn’t get out of my mind. Demons. I was seeing demons. Demons from hell, and I was their sacrifice. Why me?

For the first time since beginning his spell, the sorcerer’s concentration was broken. He turned around to face his portal.

“Asmodai, come forth. I beckon you. Take this girl and use her to light the way.”

Light the way’? I thought I was beginning to understand what the burning sensation was that was now engulfing my whole being.

A giant form appeared in the mouth of the portal, which must have been a mile wide by now. Thousands of creatures were streaming through from the other world, pushing their way around the giant form. The form moved with impossible speed as it stretched one gigantic arm out and poked a single finger into my abdomen.

It didn’t cut or tear my flesh, but the digit penetrated me. Its single finger was bigger than I was, but I could feel it trying to enter me. Its warm putrescence was coursing through my veins, my tissues, invading my being.

Then it screamed. Something was terribly wrong. I could see it in the eyes of my captor.

He called out once to the figure in the portal, “But, she’s perfect!” and then he was gone. In one pained wave of its free hand, the figure obliterated the sorcerer. Swatting him like a fly and merging him with the soil on which he stood.

I could feel the monster trying to pull its other hand away from me, but it seemed stuck. The portal was wavering now, collapsing without the concentration of its former creator to sustain it. The creature gave one final tug that made me feel as if I’d be ripped apart, and then I blacked out.

…And awoke to silence. The field around me had been torn up. Trees uprooted and sent flying. The whole area looked like it had been hit by a tornado. My chains had been snapped, but the manacles remained around my wrists and ankles. The outfit Jessie had lent me was ruined and in tatters. Somehow, I found the energy to almost care. I had no idea where I was. Somewhere outside of town was what I was hoping. I started heading towards the mansion I had spotted earlier. It was still standing. Maybe someone would help me, or better yet, maybe someone would help me after I beat them with these chains for a while. I tingled at the thought of bashing in the brains of one of the minions of my former captor with the means of my imprisonment. The irony of it made me giggle. The fact that the thought of it made me a little wet just made me walk faster.

I pushed the giant double doors of the manor home open. They were not latched, and swung open easily.

“Anybody home?” I brazenly called out, “The world didn’t end and I need to call for a ride home.” I started thinking that I must’ve gone mad. I wasn’t scared. I didn’t need counseling about my experience. I was just a little ticked off at the inconvenience of it all.

“Hello, minions? I won’t hurt you if you give me a phone!”

Nothing. “Fuck it, the bastard has to have a car.” I headed for where I’d seen the garage located.

Lexus. At least baldy had some taste, and apparently he was pleasantly anal-retentive. A key-board located near the light switch provided me with the emblem emblazoned keys to my conveyance. I hopped in the car and drove off, stopping only briefly to pull one of my chains into the car with me so I could close the door properly. I thought about finding some tools with which to remove the manacles, but I looked completely bad-ass with my accessories and it would give me a visual aid for my story. Jessie was going to flip. Thinking of Jessie brought a wide smile to my lips as I tore off down the road. I don’t think I realized why at the time, but that would soon be made too apparent, for both of us.

Chapter 2

I opened Jessie’s door and walked in. It occurred to me that I always knocked and waited. I wondered why I had. It seemed stupid to wait.

“Hey Jessie! Guess who joined the ‘chain gang’?” I rattled my steel accouterments.

“Dee, is that you?” Jessie’s voice sounded quiet and sleepy from upstairs. I must have awoken her. I skipped merrily upstairs, taking them 3 or 4 at a time and arrived at her doorway before she could get out of bed.

“Hi, baby! Up for some bondage games?” I licked my lips as I stood looking at Jessie and showing off my new accessories. Somehow the events that had transpired weren’t fazing me anymore. They seemed to be retreating into the back of my mind minute by minute, like I had awakened from a bad dream whose details were rapidly fading into nothingness. Not nothingness exactly, but sort of a warmth I’d never experienced. I was suddenly alive with a fire I’d never known. Nothing seemed, bad, or wrong. It was a sensation I had never felt before. Like everything was okay, and no impulse I had was beyond reason. It was powerful, and peaceful at the same time, and above all it felt good…really good. Maybe too good.

“Oh my Goddess, Dee! What the hell happened to you? What kind of freaky shit is that bleach-blond bitch into?”

As I related the story to her, her eyes widened. I sat at the foot of my best friend’s bed, and for the first time it didn’t feel like just another piece of furniture. It meant something. There was a strange stirring inside me. Maybe it was something that was always there that I was afraid to admit to, or maybe these were new feelings. It didn’t matter. Nothing did, except that she was there and - beyond all reason - I wanted her. It didn’t make any sense, but what did anymore? In a world suddenly turned upside down only my instincts made any sense, and right now they were telling me that I wanted her. I didn’t even resist. Not for a second.

“We should go to the police.”

Reason. Simple, insipid reason.

Jessie slept in the nude. That had always bugged me before. Whenever I slept over, it always annoyed me. Now I was glad.

“No, they wouldn’t believe me.”

She was sitting up in bed, her breasts exposed. She was too shocked to think about covering herself; not that she would have. I was the shy one, not Jessie. She was inches away. Vulnerable. I had shaken her world with the news of the night’s events.

“We should do something!”

My hand reached out to touch her face.

“I agree.”

As I touched her she blushed. Not with her face, but with her whole being. In all the time I’d known Jessie, I’d never been able to make her blush. Now, with just a touch, I could feel that I’d brought something to the surface that she wanted, and I knew she didn’t know why. Couldn’t fathom it, as she melted into my hand. There were a million questions in her eyes, but they just dissolved as my hand moved down her cheek, neck, and caressed her shoulder.

The clanking chains were unheard as my hand moved over her breast. Her voice caught in her throat. I knew she wanted me, but even she didn’t know why. It didn’t matter. I could smell the wetness between her legs, and her desire for me burned. I felt…power. I was drunk with it. It felt good. It felt damned good.

Without a word I grabbed her wrists and thrust her back onto her bed, the sheets falling aside, revealing the rest of her pale, nubile body. She was mine and I would have her. Any trace of confusion in her eyes had faded, giving way to expectation, to desire. My lips met hers and stopped the gasp from escaping them. A long, wet, deep kiss was all it took to summon up the last words either of us would speak until the morning.

“Yes,” Jessie moaned.

My iron clad hands ran down her arms as my mouth and tongue traced a passionate route along her neck and chest. Her back arched as my eager lips suckled at her hard nipples. I teased them for an eternity and bit them repeatedly as she squealed in delight and pain. A glorious mixture that intoxicated me further. I worked my way slowly toward her navel, as my fingers found her clit. I pinched, I tweaked, and played with my new found toy. My toy. She was so wet that there was no friction when my fingers found their way inside of her.

I moved my face to her sopping wet mound and began to suckle her clit as I moved my fingers in and out of her. First one, then two, then more as her breathless panting let me know that she wanted more. She came quickly and it spurred me on further. I bit her clit as my other hand found a new hole to explore. She came again, almost immediately.

I was burning. I felt alive, and I was more determined to make Jessie feel the same. By this time Jessie was screaming. Pulling my head more tightly into her, urging me on with her body, and pressing herself into my fingers and mouth.

In the morning there would be endless questions, but I cared as little at that moment as I would when the questions would come.

An hour later we both collapsed. Jessie’s sheets were ruined…forever. Somehow I don’t think she cared as she curled up on me. I wrapped a chain-clad arm around her, and fell into the deepest, most satisfied sleep I had ever known. Guiltless and happy as never before. Free. I was free.

Chapter 3

“What the fuck was that?”

Jessie’s question roused me from a very sound sleep. I was neither amused nor pleased by this, but the feeling of her beside me was comforting. Why had we never done this before? The previous day’s events seemed so unimportant, so trivial compared to the complete ecstasy that was being interrupted by her impertinent interjection. I reached around her and reinforced the spooning posture we’d adopted prior to waking, before I responded.

“Bliss,” I replied. “Now shut up and cuddle before I take you again”.

Although her annoying analysis would continue, Jessie ground her ass into my midriff so I would feel comforted. That was all I wanted, conformation of her affections. Something that showed that she wanted to be with me. To be in my arms. Naked and bared to feelings neither of us had known before.

“I know you’ve just had a terrible experience and that I should be ‘comforting’ you to the best of my ability…”

The ‘but’ was hanging in the air.


Here it comes…

“…what the fuck was that?”

I didn’t have an answer. Her question was annoying. I didn’t want to analyze what we’d done. It was good. No; it was great, and I just wanted to enjoy her.

“It was sex, Jessie. We had sex. We had long, drawn-out, fulfilling, incredible sex. You know about that better than I do.” I was hoping that would shut her up for another twenty minutes like a ‘snooze button’, but I knew better.

“Yeah, I was here too. Remember?” she chided. “…But, but…”

This was the first time I could ever remember her being at a loss for words. Jessie was confused; more confused than I should’ve been.

“Jessie, I don’t know what that was,” I confessed. “I just wanted you. It seemed right and I…well, I just took you. You seemed to want me too.”

“I did!” she exclaimed. “But I never did before.”

I wasn’t sure if she was looking for something more substantial than the afterglow that was hanging in the air, or if she just wanted confirmation that the last night’s experiences weren’t part of some lurid dream. Regardless, I needed to comfort my friend, and I didn’t have the answers she was looking for.

“ Jessie, I don’t know what’s happening. All I know is that I had the strangest night of my life and that I ended up in your bed. I’m about as clueless as you are as to how this all happened.” It was the truth, but it left a bitter taste in my mouth. I didn’t want any questions. I didn’t want to reflect on the previous night’s occurrences. I just wanted Jessie to want me unquestioningly. I ran my hands over her body as we talked and started getting wet again as my thoughts drifted off the topic and onto the soft, firm flesh of her buttocks, and the glorious feeling of my hand caressing her waist and hip as she lay pressed into me.

She’d lain there motionless and unquestioning for almost a full minute before she responded.

“You’ve changed, Dee. You’ve changed a lot.”

“Yeah, I know.” I kissed her cheek and let her comment marinate for a minute as I continued to caress her skin. Even as the concerns surfaced in me, they were quelled. Like there was something soothing every existing human concern that arose in me the second it crested, leaving behind only a sense of confusion that there could be anything but the basic attraction Jessie and I had for each other.

“Okay, that’s it.” Jessie said as she arose naked from her bed. “Something is wrong. This isn’t like you. Hell, this isn’t even like me!”

Ennui is an old French word that is currently used to mean boredom, but to the French it means one thing…trouble. I did not want to deal with this now, and the feeling of ennui that I was experiencing was not improving my early-morning-aprés-apocalypse hangover.

“But I was the best fuck you’ve ever had, wasn’t I?” I smirked.

She stood there, reddened by my comment for a minute before responding. “See? That’s what I mean. You’d never say anything like that.”

“So maybe last night opened my eyes. Something needed to.”

“Get dressed. We need to find Billy and figure this out. You’re just...not you.”

“Didn’t you like last night?” Frankly, I knew the answer and I wasn’t feeling insecure. I just wanted the confirmation that what we’d shared was incredible. No. What I wanted was to know was that no one who’d been in her pants before had ‘rocked her world’ like I had. It was all ego.

“Last night was amazing”

I glowed.

“…But I want to find out what’s happened to you, and where my best friend is.”

“I’m right here, stupid.”

“You know what I mean,” Jessie said. “Let’s get dressed.”

That didn’t sit well with me but I reigned in my hormones and followed her lead…reluctantly.

“First a hacksaw. The chains were fun, but I’m bored with them now.”


“I thought you didn’t want to look like a slut?”

“They’re your clothes.” I knew that Jessie’s comment was directed more towards the fact that I had selected the most provocative outfit in her closet - and thus her favorite - rather than towards my recent changes in taste and personality, but it still didn’t sit particularly well with me. Even though I couldn’t bring myself to be concerned with last night’s occurrences, I still knew that I had been changed. New feelings were stirring, and I couldn’t help but feel a bit affronted by any questions she raised. Wasn’t I freer? Wasn’t I more myself than I’d ever been before? The fearful truth was that I didn’t know. I didn’t know if this was me, or some demon inhabiting my body. I just didn’t want to examine the possibilities.

“Let’s see what the ‘goat’ thinks,” was her abrupt answer as she rang Billy’s doorbell.

A few minutes of persistent button-pressing produced some results in the form of Billy’s father, Dan.

“Hi Dan, is Billy around?” Jessie greeted the former hipster with her usual salutation.

“If he’s still asleep, just tell him that there are two beautiful women waiting to get him up,” I offered.

“Right…” Dan winked at us and smiled wryly at his son’s two best friends. “Bill! You have ten seconds to get out of bed or I’m sending the piranha in after you!” he bellowed over his shoulder.

“Have at,” he said, and motioned us towards Billy’s room.

“Good morning goat-boy! We have a problem.” Jessie proclaimed as we entered Billy’s room.

“Huh?” Bill’s eloquent response was a result of too little sleep and too much marijuana the night before, if his odor was any indicator.

“Get your hot-ass out of that bed and get some clothes on before I rape you. Jessie thinks I’m broken and need fixing,” I said. It was meant humorously, but as I watched Billy get out of bed, I started feeling aroused by his thin muscular form.

I’d watched this scene play out a hundred times before, but I’d never felt like this. Like I could just have him if I’d wanted. I knew it, and when my eyes met his, he did too.

“Whoa” exclaimed Billy, finally extracting himself out of his haze and staring at me in a way I hadn’t seen before, “Nice outfit Dee, isn’t that one of Jessie’s?”

“Until it ends up on the floor it is.” I couldn’t believe how forward I was being. It felt natural. It felt good.

“You’d better get dressed Billy-Willy or she’s likely to pounce on you.” Jessie had never been more truthful. I was already fidgeting in an effort to keep myself from throwing him down on the bed and taking him.

“So what’s the boggle, bubble?” he asked me.

Standing there in his underwear and looking into my eyes with concern would’ve made me melt and get flustered previously. Today was different. Today I wasn’t ‘Dee’ anymore. I was an apocalypse survivor and was relishing my new found existence. My new freedom. Visions of fantasies past came to the forefront of my mind as I grabbed Billy and thrust him back into bed. ‘No more rules,’ I thought to myself. My life, my desires. The world be damned. Very damned.

“So, Billy-boy.” I never called him by nick-names. I didn’t know why I hadn’t. I felt thick rivulets of tingles run down my legs as I did. It felt good. I could feel the hair prick up on the back of his neck, and his prick do the same in his briefs. Something I quickly confirmed visually. “What do you say to the three of us having a quick undercover adventure before Jessie makes with the annoying questions about my night out?”

I could feel the questions drain out of Jessie as her will aligned with my own. It felt good. Right. For both of us. I could feel it. We had bonded on such a deep level that our thoughts and feelings were one. Mine, for the sake of convenience. At least that’s how I was seeing it.

What could be more life-affirming, ego-boosting, and euphoric than that? Oh, yeah...

“Not a word Billy. Not a sound.” I think it was all he could do to keep from drooling. As his head nodded dully up and down, I exposed his thick cock. I caressed Jessie’s cheek and ran my fingers through the hair on the back of her head. Smiling gently at her, I waited until she returned my loving glance before I shoved her head down into Billy’s crotch.

That gorgeous sight was abruptly replaced by a vision of the first time they’d done this. Ironically, it was in this very room. It probably would have happened again, except the dopey guy forgot to pull out before he shot his wad. Interesting vision to have. Of course, I hadn’t witnessed that before. Whatever.

Such a horrid waste of time. We would just have to do something to rectify that.

The vision dissolved into the present, with Jessie doing her best to coax Billy into a repeat of times past. She was bent over him and her ass was waggling toward me. Pulling down her stretch jeans took barely a second.

“Unhh”. Jessie’s groan escaped from around Billy’s wet cock. I had three fingers buried deep in her pussy and was readying the fourth before she’d made a sound. As I pulled her head up and down on Billy’s cock, I thrust my hand harder and harder into Jessie. As three fingers became four plus half a palm, Jessie collapsed, unable to do anything but climax copiously in a plateau of rapid waves in response to my movements.

“I didn’t tell you to stop sucking his cock.” My words were responded to instantly with a furor of sucking and licking from the beautiful girl with the sopping wet pussy.

Billy moaned. Big surprise there.

I released Jessie and left her to take care of Billy’s lower half. Standing beside the now seated boy, I gave his mouth and hands something to do by exposing my breast and cramming his face down onto my nipple. With his mouth open wide with the ecstasy of the blow-job he was receiving, he had almost half of my breast in his mouth before he began sucking and licking instinctively.

“Ooooh”, I cooed. “That’s good. Are you ready for some serious fucking Billy-boy?” I was pretty sure he was going to choke on his tongue.

“I can see you’re speechless.” Standing up, I stood him up and placed one hand on the small of Jessie’s back. “Get in there; it’s rude to keep a lady waiting.” His dopey grin and the vacant look in his eyes let me know that he wasn’t thinking a thing as I guided his stiff, wet cock into her waiting pussy. I could feel the guilt flowing through them from the moment he penetrated her. Somewhere in the back of their minds they knew this was wrong, but they were helpless to resist their passions. My fantasies...whatever.

Time seemed to blur in a wave of penetrations and positions

Jessie was getting ready to come, I could feel it. I pulled Billy out of her and thrust his face into her pussy. It sounded like a wet sock hitting a cement floor, Jessie almost came then. He ate her out furiously and as she writhed around on the bed, I mounted her face. She smiled as her tongue tickled my clit. I could feel her brain burning as our eyes fixed and I urged her silently to wait.

Billy’s cock was throbbing harder and harder as he worked over Jessie’s pussy with his mouth. There was nothing else in his mind, other than making her come. I know. I was in there with him, helping to make his mouth water in expectation of that moment when her juices flowed into his mouth.

I reached backward and stretched out my hand. It would be a shame if we couldn’t come together. I was thinking something along those lines when I reached out and started jerking Billy off.

It didn’t take long before we all came - repeatedly - and slumped down in a heap on his bed.

“You kids stop um...roughhousing.” It was apparent from the tremor in his voice that Dan wasn’t sure how to deal with two girls fucking the hell out of his son. Maybe I’d have to show him, but not right then.

“Yes Dan, sorry!” I started giggling as the words left my lips. My laughter proved as infectious as my passions. It was a good laugh, and the last one we’d all share for a while.

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