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Challenge Post - Art-a-thon Reversed

Art-a-thon Reversed Challenge Post

Welcome to the Art-a-thon Reversed! The artists have submitted some amazing work for the challenges, and I can't wait to see how the members of this community answer them. Please read all the rules and guidelines before you check out the challenge submissions, especially the one on alternate uses of the artwork.

All the artwork submitted has been posted and the independent judge has been fired. Since everyone worked so hard and nothing offensive was submitted, I saw no reason to exclude any of the pieces. All artwork that does not receive a story will be held over for future events, unless the artist asks for its removal.

Though praise for ones art is always nice, the best way to compliment the artists involved is to write them fiction. Comments to this post should deal with questions concerning the event only. If you wish to give feedback but are unable to write for the challenge then please e-mail the artists with your comments. All artist e-mail addresses can be found behind the last LJ cut of this post.

Rules & Guidelines:

1) Artists agreed when submitting a banner/wallpaper that they will personalize these pieces with the 'Title' and 'Author name' when a challenge is answered. They will then comment in the story post with the work once the story reaches 3000 words. All artists will be notified once the story reaches that mark.

2) Each piece of artwork will be assigned a letter code. When submitting a piece of fiction in answer to a challenge, this code MUST be referenced to indicate which challenge you are answering.

3) Posting of stories will begin July 1st (YAY Canada day!) and run until August 31st. You can begin posting anytime in that frame. If your story is not complete by August 31st, you may continue to post it as it progresses. However, if you wait until the last week to begin a story it will not be accepted.

4) To keep spamming down, we insist that you post 2 or 3 chapters at a time of any story that has multiple chapters. Or wait until the story is complete to post it all at once.

5) No drabbles will be accepted. All stories must be 3000 words or more.

6) Though all the banners/wallpapers are very pretty we do not like art scavengers. If you wish to post multiple stories during the challenge period you MUST obtain permission from the mods. We will not allow anyone to post the beginning of multiple stories, or rushed fiction, just to obtain art.

7) DO NOT under any circumstances take these pieces and manipulate them, or use them as your LJ banners, or for stories not posted here in the WD community. If you do, you will not only be banned from this community but I will report you to LJ abuse for copyright violation. The artists work very hard on their art, and I will NOT allow their work to be abused. The 'DO NOT manipulate' also applies to any banners that you are given as part of this event as well; they must remain as is, and not turned into other art.

8) All authors are free to decide if a story with Jossverse characters should be Jossverse or Alternate Universe. All original character banners/wallpaper challenges must be answered with stories in the Jossverse, and must meet the community guidelines in the User Info.

9) ALL stories must be beta-ed before they are posted, though I have allowed members to get by this rule in the past, I will no longer do so.

10) All stories must be posted here in this community, not just linked from your personal journal.

11) All postings must be made in the following format:
Challenge code:
Notes/Description: This is where you thank your beta :) and post your disclaimer, et cetera...

LJ cut the entire story please!

12) Violation of any of these rules will result in the deletion of your post without explanation.

13) All stories not completed by December 31st 2005 will be deleted unless the author notifies the mods that they wish to complete it.


Click on the picture to enlarge (twice for full enlargement)

1BA01 1BA01

Spike, Buffy, Dana, The first slayer
1BA02 1BA02

Buffy, Angel, Spike
1BA03 1BA03

1BB04 1BB04

Willow, Giles
1BB05 1BB05

Wesley, Faith, Demon
1BB06 1BB06

Faith, Wesley
1BB07 1BB07

Faith, Xander
1BB08 1BB08

Ethan, Willow, Amy
1BC09 1BC09

Giles, Ethan, Original
1BD10 1BD10

Ethan, Buffy, Giles
1BE11 1BE11

Giles, Joyce
1BE12 1BE12

Anya, Spike
1BE13 1BE13

Illyria, Original
1BF14 1BF14

1BG15 1BG15

Wesley, Faith, Buffy
1BG16 1BG16

Wesley, Willow
1BG17 1BG17

1BG18 1BG18

Andrew, Dawn, Harmony
1BG19 1BG19

Spike, Buffy
1BG20 1BG20

Fred, Darla
1BG21 1BG21

1BG22 1BG22

Lindsey, Darla, Tara, Anya
1BG23 1BG23

Cordelia, Doyle, Lilah, Lindsey
1BG24 1BG24

1BG25 1BG25

1BH26 1BH26

Spike, Buffy
1BH27 1BH27

Willow, Tara
1BI28 1BI28

Willow, Drusilla, Spike, Illyria, Angel
1BI29 1BI29

Drusilla, Original
1BK32 1BK32

Buffy, Spike
1BA33 1BA33

Spike, Buffy
1BL34 1BL34

Original, Angel
1BG35 1BG35

Illyria, Doyle, Original

1WD01 1WD01

Ethan, Giles, Original
1WB02 1WB02


Artist e-mail addresses:
sandy_s - 1BA01, 1BA02, 1BA03, 1BA33
selene2 - 1BB04, 1BB05, 1BB06, 1BB07, 1BB08, 1WB02
sadbhyl - 1BC09
wickedfox - 1BD10 , 1WD01
flame81 - 1BE11, 1BE12, 1BE13
akaela_lee - 1BF14
deathisyourart - 1BG15, 1BG16, 1BG17, 1BG18, 1BG19, 1BG20, 1BG21, 1BG22, 1BG23, 1BG24, 1BG25, 1BG35
blond_bear - 1BH26, 1BH27
lilbreck - 1BI28, 1BI29
xyellowroset - 1BK32
orichaldragon - 1BL34

Note to all authors from the February Ficathon: All stories not completed and beta-ed by August 31st will be deleted.

Note to all members Posting of any stories meeting the User Info guidelines but not part of the Art-a-thon Reversed will continue as normal through this event.
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