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New Communities

Just Rewards a three month old archive will be celebrating 750 fics soon (just one more... lol) We have a variety of pairings and types of fic available to browse - including a section called watcher's diaries for those stories which take place in a BtVS future or past... (all written for this community *grin*)

The catch on this new archive? All fics have either won an award at the Fang Fetish Awards or are written by an author who has won awards for three separate stories.

Please review as we have reviewer of the month contests and you make the author's day and mine!

Also I have just launched a new lj community for rare pairings ONLY rarebtvs

Thank you to Holly for permission to post
Days of No Trust 2

Witch Tale: Days of No Trust Part Two

Here is the conclusion of my story ‘Days of No Trust’. I'm dedicating it to pfeifferpack as today is her birthday.

This is much longer than the first part; 5,665 words. Part One was HERE. It would probably be a good idea to re-read it before reading Part Two.

Summary: Every girl dreams of a handsome hero to save her from the villains; but there's never a hero around when you need one, and Anne Collingwood's hopes must rest on a disfigured murderer with a death wish. And on her little bit of magic. It's not much, against seventeen ruthless killers, but it's all she has.

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Part Two of Feral

Title: Nowhere Left to Run
Author: Slinkypsychokit
Rating: R
Warnings: Angst, horror, language, violence, character death.
Word count:1836
Summary: The creature came at me; full speed, fangs first, tackling me to the blood-soaked carpet that squished and splashed beneath our combined weight. There was no time to think, no time to fear, no time to worry about what I was doing or whether I'd even survive this charnel house in one piece… What happens when the past refuses to let go and you find yourself with nowhere left to run?

Thank you to spikeslovebite for the rapid beta and the hysterical comments I was mindful enough to delete from the text BEFORE posting. LOL

Great big smooches to oracleholly for the lovely participation banner.

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Watcher's Diaries

Tales of Witches & Demons - Prezzies!!!

We, at the Watcher's Council, want to congratulate every young Watcher who participated in our recent endeavor to catalog tales of both witches and demons. We commend you on your hard work and research. In commemoration for your dedication to the Council, we would like to present you with a little something.

(Note:: Even though some stories are not yet completed, we have faith that they will be in the future.)

If you participated, please click under the cut to receive your plaque. (Remember to save to your own server and display proudly!)

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FYI :: a couple of details for your information

1. August Witches/Demons Ficathon Stories: As of 12:01 EST September 1st, all authors may post the continuation of their unfinished or delayed stories. Please remember to use proper LJ-cuts and formatting. We will send out single warnings that if not followed through on will be cause for your posts deletion.

2. Art-Reverse-athon Stories (Round 1): We will be going through the archive and checking on each story's completion. If your story is not yet complete, you will have until October 31st, 2006 to complete your story. Any stories not completed by this date will be subject to deletion. Authors that have incomplete stories, please contact me to discuss a time frame to complete your posting, if you feel that you will not have the story complete by October 31st.

A quick note

Well, folks, here we are at the closing of our first round. It's been wonderful! oracleholly and myself have had such a wonderful time! It's been a pleasure and a delight to read the Tales on offer by all members who have participated in Demon and Witch Tales. There's been such an amazing number of stories to read, even I've fallen behind in reading them! LOL

Keep tuned in, guys. There might be a few surprises left for this round! Perhaps a special Thank You in store?

Once more, everyone, THANK YOU (no, this isn't the special thank you) from the bottom of my heart for making our first month together a truly memorable experience! Hope to see you all next round! And, please remember, if you have not already done so, check out the memories. Read, review, pimp!

Hugs to all,

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Buffy - angelic_amy2

Demon Tale: Tainted

Title: Tainted
Author: angelic_amy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: When Eli is orphaned by the death of his father he runs to the one place where he believes he’ll be able to blend in. LA.
Disclaimer: Any and all Joss-verse characters used are being borrowed without permission. No copyright infringement is intended and no money is being made from this story.
Author’s Notes: Just wanted to apologise for the lateness of my entry – my computer decided to eat itself and all my files. *sobs* Luckily I had most of my files backed up, unfortunately this fic was not one of them. I’m in the process of rewriting what I had so this fic is going to be posted up in segments, not all at once.

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Bringer Of Death

Hello again, here is my second date entry. A demon tale this time.

Title: Bringer of Death
PG-13 (violence, implied rape not graphic in description)
Summary: Demon entry to the Watchers Diaries. The contents of an old journal give pause for reflection to one old scholar.
Disclaimer: I derive no profit from this story. The rights to several details within belong to Joss Whedon, ME, WB, UPN, Fox et all and I make no claim on them. The original plot is mine.
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WITCHTALE - Dark and Dangerous

Here's my Witch tale; I was trying to make it a one-shot with no chance of continuing but as usual I think it leaves itself open to more. My muse seems incapable of finishing a story, capricious little wench that she is. spikeskat caught all my little boo-boos but more importantly, when I found myself a week or less away from deadline with no plot to speak of we talked it through and voila! She came up with lots of wonderful ideas that I grabbed in my greedy little hands and ran away with. Thanks Kat - without you there wouldn't be a Witchtale and I'd be sitting here with an empty page. Hope you enjoy...

Title : Dark and Dangerous
Author : spikesdeb
Rating : PG
Summary : Beth Tennant is a powerful witch and stuck in Sunnydale far away from home. As far as she is aware, she is an orphan with no family, the closest to it is Lucas Varden a practitioner of dark arts and a forceful personality. But when she receives an e-mail from a stranger, she begins to doubt every certainty she has ever known.
Disclaimer : Any reference to persons living or dead is coincidental. Characters referenced from BtVS belong to Joss Whedon et al, as does my fangirl heart for providing such delicious fodder for the muse:) Beth Tennant, Lucas Varden and other original characters are figments of my strange and unsettling imagination.

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Dee of the Damned Chapter 4-6 Fini

Title: Dee of the Damned
Author: Betafish
Rating: Adult
Summary: Most of the world denies the supernatural. They do not know of a world in which there are slayers, demons, or other supernatural elements. They believe the world, like themselves, to be fairly average. Reality is mundane, or so Dee believes until she is kidnapped and reborn into a new world. Warning f/f and m/f/f
Word Count: 12,266
Reviews would be swell!

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