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Tales of Witches & Demons - Prezzies!!!

We, at the Watcher's Council, want to congratulate every young Watcher who participated in our recent endeavor to catalog tales of both witches and demons. We commend you on your hard work and research. In commemoration for your dedication to the Council, we would like to present you with a little something.

(Note:: Even though some stories are not yet completed, we have faith that they will be in the future.)

If you participated, please click under the cut to receive your plaque. (Remember to save to your own server and display proudly!)

FYI :: a couple of details for your information

1. August Witches/Demons Ficathon Stories: As of 12:01 EST September 1st, all authors may post the continuation of their unfinished or delayed stories. Please remember to use proper LJ-cuts and formatting. We will send out single warnings that if not followed through on will be cause for your posts deletion.

2. Art-Reverse-athon Stories (Round 1): We will be going through the archive and checking on each story's completion. If your story is not yet complete, you will have until October 31st, 2006 to complete your story. Any stories not completed by this date will be subject to deletion. Authors that have incomplete stories, please contact me to discuss a time frame to complete your posting, if you feel that you will not have the story complete by October 31st.
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